“If you enjoy a space, you’ll thrive in it.” Bianca Venus

“Bianca Venus interior designs simply sparkle, with their refined sense of colour and materials.”

Erik van der Horst /Sr. Sales Director / J&R Industries Ltd (HongKong) /Directeur/eigenaar Heho ID Europe BV

“By far one of the most creative interior architects I have ever worked with.

Bianca Venus has a strong feeling for detail without forgetting the essential outlines.”

André Jansen / former Executive managing director / Vitra (Nederland) BV

About me

Creating space to enjoy and thrive in
Whether it’s your working or your home environment, or both, it’s essential to get pleasure from being in a space that will inspire and surprise you, and anyone who enters it.

Bianca Venus has been creating surprising and inspirational spaces for over 10 years. Her projects vary enormously. From renovating private homes, to carrying out the complete interior design for an international organisation like NATO. And from designing retail space, to creating award-winning home accessories. Each client has very different requirements and expectations. Bianca Venus combines her in-depth understanding of their wishes and needs with a unique blend of experience and expertise, and an extensive network of professional partners, to create innovative, yet functional spaces to enjoy and to thrive in.

Qualified architect and interior designer
In her work as an interior architect, Bianca Venus draws on her professional qualifications as a registered architect as well as her fine arts studies at the Gerrit Rietveld Art Academy in Amsterdam and ArtEZ in Enschede.

In addition to her own experience, Bianca Venus gains further inspiration from her cultural interests, which include visiting museums, film and theatre, music and dance, and of course from observing and exploring architecture across the globe. Her love of nature is also often reflected in her designs.

From abstract ideas to an implemented plan
Bianca Venus works alongside her clients to explore wishes, requirements and initial ideas together. She uses these to produce the first sketches, which can then form the basis of the complete plan. Her multidisciplinary background and approach means Bianca Venus is also able to oversee the realisation of the final plan in all its aspects:

    • Architectural – new build and renovation work
    • Interior design
    • Corporate design
    • Retail spaces
    • Layout
    • Furniture and fittings
    • Customised design
    • Lighting design
    • Colour, materials and fabrics advice

That surprising extra touch
Of course, no two clients or projects are the same. So each design is unique. And, because Bianca Venus gets to know and understand her client personally, she is able to add a surprising extra touch to each project.

A complete network of expert partners
For more than a decade, Bianca Venus has been working with professional partners, to realise complete projects of all sizes and scopes.


Bianca Venus

Sharing beautiful things, to excite and inspire

Bianca Venus B.A.

Partner in MooiWerk Interior Architecture and Graphic Design
Registered architect no. 4.000701.001

Former board member of the Association of Dutch Interior Architects


Several publications
Bianca Venus publications regarding work as an Interior Architect and artist including winning the “Young Design Award”!